Tuesday, August 11, 2015

StocktonCon 2015 Coverage

Had a great time at StocktonCon this past weekend. If you haven't been to this event, StocktonCon has a unique feature of being set up in an arena. Most of the arena was put to use in the floor plan. Exhibitors and artist alley were located in the center. Special guests and miscellaneous fan tables were set up along the hallways and upper deck. The good thing was that it all made sense. Very organized.

The crowd was incredible throughout the day, and it really exceeded my expectations. It never felt like the crowd died down at all. Aisles on the exhibit floor would always be full of people. I was really enjoying the positive vibe everywhere I went. The exhibitors were quite a variety. It didn't feel like anything dominated over others. Same goes for general content all around. A good mix of art, comics, cosplay, toys, anime, and wrestling made the convention experience a joy to walk through.

I met up with groups of friends that I kept bouncing around from. Took a bunch of pictures that should be fun to view once the albums are complete (cosplay & non-cosplay). It was nice catching up with everyone I saw. Met some new folks that I can't wait to see at future events.

I don't think there are dates set for 2016, but I will definitely come back for the next StocktonCon. The links below will take you to everything on StocktonCon 2015. Enjoy! :)

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