Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Minions Toys | Build-A-Minion Kevin

These deluxe figures are my favorite Minions scale. They are just the right size for displaying anywhere. Build-A-Minion Kevin offers 3 toys in 1, which makes deciding on a display outfit extra difficult. The classic Minion outfit is always nice. Arctic Kevin & Banana are two versions of Kevin that can be seen in Minions promotional material.

Kevin still has the original mouth/eyes movement when pressing the pocket button. I noticed Bob's deluxe figure has an additional button on the back that controls eye movement. It's a neat gimmick that Kevin lacks, which really is unfortunate. The missing feature doesn't bum me out much since I only display these figures.

If I were to only have one toy from the upcoming Minions movie, this would be the one. Good thing that isn't the case. Bob and Stuart will join the collection soon. Those two are just deluxe figures, but no the Build-A-Minion type that offers multiple outfits. Check out my deluxe Minion Kevin video review below. Enjoy!