Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hello There

Welcome again. There was a little detour earlier this year. I was thinking about how far can I take Justin Has A Camera without feeling it doesn't belong somewhere. A good chunk of my material didn't rely on photography, even thought I tried to incorporate it as much as possible. It just felt limited and out of place. Making a brand new site seemed ridiculous at first, but it started to make sense the more I outlined the separation.

I needed something more broad that will accommodate everything, which is why Nerd Gazette was created. Nerd Gazette serves as a giant umbrella for all my interests without having different outlets scattered everywhere. JHAC isn't going anywhere. It's the home base for my fine art photography, and will have it's own line of products. You probably noticed the mention of products. Yes. Those are coming to JHAC, and Nerd Gazette will have some stuff too. Plenty of projects in the works!

Nerd Gazette has been up and running for a month now, but never had the chance to give an introduction. Hope you like it so far! :)