Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2 Review

Nothing like a 6 month wait for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2 to come out. Looks like I took my sweet time reviewing the comic -- a little over 3 months. This comic has been on my desk all this time. I just finally found time to read it. Introduced in this issue is Madam Satan. Most of the issue establishes her origin. It's a nice story that explains her relationship with Sabrina's father, and why she is doing such awful things to people.

The artwork is top-notch just like the first issue. Robert Hack gives a creepy Madam Satan in panels without the pretty face. Some panels feature a half & half look of Madam Satan (witch face / pretty face). This series is really embracing the browns and oranges page after page. I certainly welcome the creepy vibes those two colors can give. 

References to the time period pop up here and there like the first issue. A movie theater marquee has a Veronica Lake double feature for The Glass Key and I Married A Witch. There is also Sabrina singing Bye Bye Birdie in an audition. I like these nods because I like the movies. This also reminded me that I still need to get Criterion's I Married A Witch on Blu-ray.

This series had incredible buzz after the first issue. The SDCC teaser in Afterlife with Archie 666 had me anticipating the title more than anything else. It's unfortunate how Archie Comics handled this series. This will be the last Chilling Adventures of Sabrina issue I will write about until a trade paperback comes out. It's a lovely series, but I have no interest in waiting for issues to magically show up. However, issue 3 was released in May. Issue 4 apparently comes out tomorrow.