Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pixar's Lava | Review

Lava is the Pixar short shown before Inside Out begins in theaters. It's a beautiful story that totally made sense by using volcanoes. Directed and written by James Ford Murphy, Lava features the musical talents of Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Greig.

I've never felt so concerned for a volcano. Seeing a volcano age over the course of many years was an interesting progression. Lyrics certainly offer hope for those hopeless romantics. I can confirm it does, haha. Emotion within Pixar shorts has been hit and miss for me, but Lava delivered in terms of tugging those feelings in me. The song is catchy, caught myself humming the song leaving the theater. First thing I did back home was download the song from Amazon. It's currently on repeat. :)

I'll be looking forward to Lava being featured on the Inside Out Blu-ray release. At least I think it will be included. Go see it in theaters -- or just make sure you aren't late for your Inside Out showtime. Let me wrap this up by saying Lava is my favorite Pixar short of all time. :)