Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pixar's Inside Out | Review

Meet the Emotions!

The journey with emotions is a joy ride. Inside Out -- oh, wait, I just noticed what I did there with the first sentence. Inside Out does take on a slightly more complex story compared to something like Monsters University. Pacing is great throughout, and the 94 minute run time felt perfect.

Marquee | VSCOcam

This movie is loaded with humor. The humor was through the roof. Many of it flew over the heads of kids. To be honest, adults in the theater audience were actively laughing more than kids. I enjoyed it all, especially the San Francisco jabs. There was a joke about facts and opinions getting mixed up that had the older folks roaring with laughter.

Some tearjerking moments are scattered throughout the film. I'm sure if I add up the watery eye stuff it would tied for first with Toy Story 3. As predicted in my Inside Out Big Golden Book review, Bing Bong was at the center of emotional moments. I give a round of applause to director Pete Docter for unlocking my ability to cry in theaters again.

Blink and you will miss it appearances by Luxo ball and A113 were nice to see. I'm always pointing and saying "ooh ohh look the ball" whenever I see the Luxo ball. There was a quick flash of imaginative lava when Riley was jumping couch to couch (not sure if this was a nod to the Lava short). A dinosaur appearance in one of Riley's memories that could be a nod to the next Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur.

Theatrical display being assembled | VSCOcam

I personally never thought Pixar went off course the past few years, but they've mostly been on a sequel binge since 2010. Brave was an original film, and it was good -- just not at the top of my list. 2015 is the year we get two Pixar films, and both of them aren't sequels.

There is a path that was once explored with Wall-e and Up. Those films have a certain emotional connectivity that stand out to me. They made me think about myself. Inside Out does that for me too. Who were my imaginary friends? I really let childhood memories fade into an abyss? I really can't get any of them back? Are any of my core memories from my youth? Do I have joy, sadness, disgust, anger, and fear within me? In the end, Pixar, once again, reminds me of something simple - life should be an adventure, even if it doesn't go the way you planned.

Inside Out will be a release day purchase on Blu-ray for me. Thanks, Pixar. :)