Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jurassic World | Review

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Hold on to your butts. Jurassic World is loaded with nostalgia. The references to Jurassic Park happen throughout the film. I'd say there is a mouthful of references. They are there - in your face or very subtle. There are some nods to The Lost World and Jurassic Park III. I loved it all.

Pteranodons attacking people was a joy to watch. It was nice seeing them again. There would probably be an uproar if they didn't make an appearance (feathers seems to be the uproar this time around). Indominus Rex was better than the JP3 Spinosaurus, but still far from great. It was just a Frankenstein dinosaur villain. Not really memorable, in my opinion. The final fight is super duper awesome, though on the brief side. An extra minute or two of fighting would have been nice.

This film made me appreciate Velociraptors with the introduction of Blue (wasn't a fan of them before since they terrorized me as a kid). It was also the first time I really cared about a particular one. However, I am sympathetic for the Lost World raptor that was insulted by gymnastics. Blue was vicious, but also loyal. Chris Pratt's character, Owen, had great chemistry with Blue. Feels weird saying that since Blue is CGI.

Music by Michael Giacchino brings a new sound, but sprinkled some nods to John Williams. On the soundtrack is "Welcome to Jurassic World," which is the Jurassic Park theme we all hum to. It's the most popular download from the soundtrack on Amazon and iTunes. Makes sense since the original Williams track can't be purchased individually.

Jurassic World gets a 4.5/5 from me. Bottom line is Jurassic World is entertaining beginning to end. I will definitely buy the Blu-ray on release day. :)

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The theater during my first viewing was packed. It was probably sold out by the time trailers started to play. Audience reaction throughout the film was a good sign people were entertained. I certainly was. In case you weren't part of the biggest box office opening weekend domestically and worldwide, go see Jurassic World in theaters now.