Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bing Bong Tsum Tsum

Meet Bing Bong.

Lat month I probably said I would buy the Inside Out Tsum Tsum set, but ultimately settled with Bing Bong when I saw these at the Disney Store. The other five looked nice. Some of them are still available at my local store. I'm sure they will be sold out by the weekend once Inside Out is in theaters.

Bing Bong is an adorable little cat/elephant/dolphin made of cotton candy. The regular plush of Bing Bong smells like cotton candy. That would have been a sweet feature to include with the Tsum Tsum version. I'm still sold on this guy being the extra emotional string tugger in the film, which made me feel like having just Bing Bong was fine.

Retail price for this Tsum Tsum is $4.95, as are the other Inside Out characters (if still available). Check out my quick video review below for more. Enjoy! :)