Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tomorrowland | Review

IMAX poster | VSCOcam

Tomorrowland seems to be a mixed bag among the critics. The ambition and dream is completely there, but really does get dragged down by a wonky story. I think the amplified notion about changing the world now is a little too much. Just because the movie is titled Tomorrowland doesn't mean much of the film takes place in that world. However, when there, it really made me want to be there. It made me want to belong to this other world to make things happen.

The acting is great. George Clooney may be billed up top on posters, but it's really Britt Robertson and Raffey Cassidy that keep the film moving forward. Michael Giacchino's score wasn't that impressive, and rarely felt like it belonged. Music did shine at first during the 1964 World's Fair scene, which was one of my favorites parts of the film.

Essentially, this is what stood out to me in the film...
  • Tomorrowland is lovely, even with limited screen time.
  • Disney wants to remind us they own Star Wars now.
  • Raffey Cassidy did an extra amazing job as Athena.
  • The pin on all Tomorrowland promo material does not appear at all. It's like a combination of the '64 & '84 pin.
  • Judy Greer is in the movie for maybe 5 seconds.

I'm likely to buy Tomorrowland on release day. The Blu-ray is surely to deliver on audio and video. Until then, I'll have my Tomorrowland pin on me at all times -- just in case. I can only imagine people are already wearing a pin expecting "It's a Small World" rides to activate a drop. :)