Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road | Review

Seriously wouldn't mind this in my room | VSCOcam

This is my first Mad Max film released in theaters since I was born. I don't get to say "I've been waiting for this movie for 30 years." What I do get to say is "I hope more Mad Max movies are made soon!" There was this constant adrenaline rush beginning to end that I can't recall ever feeling with another film. I've seen many action flicks -- this is really up there with the favorites.

Fury Road is such a delight to see in theaters. The action is nearly non-stop. All the practical effects are eye candy on the highest level. It really is a joy ride in the desert. Junkie XL's score blends in with all the mayhem happening. Nothing serious to really nitpick, at least from me. This is an action flick flirting with perfection. I saw it in 3D, but never felt like it was distracting. There was one part that felt forced for the sake of 3D (this could be that one thing to nitpick, but hardly serious).

My next viewing or two will be in 2D. This is one movie that I absolutely can't wait to buy on Blu-ray. The local theater was giving out posters for folks seeing it in 3D, so it was a nice gift to justify the 3D admission price. I already have it in a frame and on the wall. :)

Epic poster art | VSCOcam

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