Monday, May 25, 2015

FCBD 2015: Dark Circle Comics

The Fox, The Shield, Black Hood | VSCOcam

Here is a look at the Dark Circle Comics sampler. It was a Free Comic Book Day 2015 title that should've been fairly easy to find at comic book stores. Inside are snippets from current Dark Circle Comics titles. Black Hood and The Fox can be found in stores, but the Shield is still to come. Not sure when. Dark Circle Comics is part of Archie Comics, so it could end up delayed like most of their titles.

The artwork across these series are top-notch. Not blown away by the writing yet. I will most likely zip through these titles once collected editions are released. That means a story arc would have to finish, and that's a wait I'm willing to endure. Teased at the end is The Hangman as an upcoming series. That certainly has my attention because the Hangman has been around for decades, just like Black Hood and the Shield.

Down below is my Midtown Comics unboxing #5 video since I talk about this sampler a bit more in it. Fast forward to 3:57. Enjoy!

Excited about the Hangman return | VSCOcam