Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Disney Pixar Inside Out: Talking Sadness Doll

Sadness in box | VSCOcam

Following Inside Out's Joy is Sadness. This Sadness talking doll is a little shorter than Joy at 7 1/2 inches. She is such an adorable figure, even with the pouty expression. Vanellope dolls set the bar high in terms of hoodies on dolls. Sadness does just that for roll neck sweaters on dolls. The sparkly bits on the sweater add a nice touch, but could be hard to notice at first glance. Sadness has 10 phrases, a step up from Joy's 7 phrases. Activating the phrases is easy. Just touch the little metal bump on her right palm.

Having Sadness stand up without falling down is fairly easy to do. Sadness has very tiny feet, but it keeps her steady. Doll stand not required. I'm quite sure Joy is meant to be displayed with a doll stand -- or have her lean against another figure around the same size. Sadness works great as support too.

I'm so impressed with these Inside Out dolls. Disney Store did a great job with them. Stick around for the other 3 doll reviews (Anger, Disgust, and Fear). They should show up soon-ish. Check out my Sandness video review below. Also included a few pictures below too. Enjoy! :)

Sadness | VSCOcam

Disgust, Sadness, and Joy | VSCOcam

Joy & Sadness | VSCOcam