Monday, May 4, 2015

Disney Pixar Inside Out: Talking Joy Doll

I really paid zero attention to Inside Out products coming to stores until now. It really didn't hit me until I saw a Disney Store cast member set up the Inside Out section. The dolls were an instant hit with me. I played it safe by getting Joy for now. Having the set of 5 dolls seems very likely since they are all interesting characters. There is my gut feeling that Joy will be the high demand doll out of the set. I guess we'll see.

Joy in box | VSCOcam

The packaging is top-notch. Perhaps my favorite design since Wreck-It Ralph. These will look great out of box or in box. I'm sure I will make space for an additional Joy to keep mint in box. Joy's head sculpt looks just like the Joy we see on screen. Completely awesome. A doll stand seems to be required. Having Joy stand on her own probably won't last long. She will fall down just when you think the doll is positioned safely. Leaning her against other figures is another option. That bit aside, everything else about this Joy doll is awesome.

This definitely amped up my anticipation for Inside Out in theaters next month. I'll probably make it to the first morning showtime. Check out my video review on the Joy doll below. Enjoy! :)