Friday, May 8, 2015

Disney Pixar Inside Out: Talking Fear Doll

This is Fear | VSCOcam

Here is Fear! This is the fifth doll from the Disney Store set. I didn't plan on Fear being last, but it just worked out that way. Fear was totally asking to go last, to be honest.

Disney Store lists Fear and Joy at 10 inches, but Fear is just a tiny bit taller. It's actually closer to 10 1/2 inches. This lanky fellow is easy to display without worries of falling down easily. Not only is he the tallest, but also the lightest. The minimal weight is evenly distributed too. Bulging eyes, weird nose, and curly pony tail make Fear's head quite the attraction.

Bill Hader's voice is easy to identify with Fear's phrases, which is my favorite thing about this doll. Hader does incredible voices (a simple search on YouTube will fill you in), so it's nice to hear him let loose with Fear. 10 phrases is nice, but Fear should've been upped 20+ phrases.

Check out Fear's video review below. You can also see the set of dolls together at the end. Enjoy! :)