Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Disney Pixar Inside Out: Big Golden Book

Very awesome cover art | VSCOcam

This is the second Golden Book that I read before watching the actual film. First one was Big Hero 6. I don't feel like these books spoil so much. If anything, they let me have a better grasp on the film during the first viewing. I know I'll eventually watch Inside Out multiple times (Blu-ray release), but it makes that theater viewing slightly easier to understand. Plus these Golden Books were a staple in my childhood, so it feels pretty good continuing this tradition.

The Inside Out story has a great concept that translates fairly well in this format. Artwork is beautiful. Reading is straightforward (duh!). This book really opened my eyes on a supporting character that isn't part of the emotions group. Bing Bong is the one character that I've been thinking about after reading the story. I think he'll have an incredible arc in the movie if it's anything like the book.

Do check out my video review below. You'll get to listen to me read for 15+ minutes. Don't want the story to be spoiled, but want to see the front and back of the book? I do that in the beginning! Enjoy! :)