Sunday, May 24, 2015

Avengers Magazine #1 One-Shot

Age of Ultron cover | VSCOcam

Released to get fans ready for Age of Ultron, this Avengers magazine is loaded with everything you need to know about them. It focuses on the movie Avengers, comic Avengers, and anything else related to the Avengers. Quite informative, to be honest. This is a free magazine, so maybe you're local comic shop has them. My local shop had a huge stack of these at Free Comic Book Day earlier this month.

One of the neat things about this magazine are the pages showing thumbnails of characters that have been with the Avengers. Listed is their first appearance in comics and first appearance with the team. Pretty neat if you ever need a reference for a particular character -- or just feel like speculating on a comic book.

Avengers roll call | VSCOcam