Saturday, May 2, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron IMAX Premiere

Sweet poster! | VSCOcam

The first showtime for Age of Ultron in IMAX was a packed house. I got my ticket last month, so I was ready to go. Had to ask for the IMAX poster before going into the theater (put that in the trunk to avoid damaging it). Guardians of the Galaxy had a wicked poster giveaway, but this Avengers one takes the cake. I'm hoping Ant-Man will have a poster giveaway later this year.

Age of Ultron is packed with so much stuff. It really serves up as a treat to people that are in tune with the universe. You get a tiny bit extra if you keep up with Agents of SHIELD too. Audience reaction to references were on full blast for those that noticed these bits. I wonder how lost I would be if these cinematic universe didn't mean much to me. Luckily that won't be a problem.

Ultron is a fun villain causing havoc among the Avengers. His evolution in bodies was nice to see throughout the film. The humor coming from Ultron made the character much more interesting. I really can't decide on Loki or Ultron, in terms of favorite Avengers villain. Loki has developed over several movies, which adds a bit more to his character, and will be back for Thor: Ragnarok. I don't know. Can't decide at the moment.

Will I be watching Age of Ultron in theaters again? Yes, on discounted days ($5 Tuesdays!). IMAX 3D didn't do much for me. That's more directed at the 3D aspect. I welcome the bigger screen and sound.

Marquee | VSCOcam