Wednesday, April 15, 2015

RIP Herb Trimpe

Herb at Big Wow Comicfest 2013

The passing of Herb Trimpe is very sad news. He is my favorite artist to have drawn for The Incredible Hulk. The story arc involving Hulk & Jarella is one of my favorites as well. Of course he will be remembered for first drawing Wolverine. Hulk is what comes to mind when Herb is mentioned. There was the Shogun Warriors series that was also fun to read.

I was looking forward to seeing Herb at Big Wow Comicfest this weekend, the same event where I last saw him two years ago. He was an incredibly nice person to talk comics with. Herb was working on a drawing for me during the convention, so I was able to talk to him towards the end of the day. Such a nice guy, and another story that I should write about later on.

Rest in peace, Herb.