Monday, April 27, 2015

Kraken Con Spring 2015 Coverage

The spring 2015 edition of Kraken Con delivered once again. This is the main hub, so links to topics are listed below, in case you're looking for something in particular. There are plenty of pictures that will be posted throughout the week.

Crunchyroll booth | VSCOcam

It was nice seeing familiar artists and vendors in the exhibit hall. The exhibit hall was very spacious with the majority of events happening within. Panels were upstairs, which was only a quick trip up the escalator. A big plus at Kraken Con are the water stations. Free water. Yes. Staying hydrated is very important for these long days. It kept me going until the end of the day without feeling tired.

Affordable and awesome! | VSCOcam

I love Kraken Con's convention merchandise. It's on this level of adorable that no other event is on. I'm slightly bummed out I forgot to get a t-shirt. Everything nicely priced. Didn't look into a package price if somebody wanted to buy one of everything -- the fan in me was considerably curious about it!

Kraken Con bags + sticks! | VSCOcam

There is much work to do. I'll be posting updates throughout the week. :)

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