Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Wow Comicfest 2015: Marvel vs DC Cosplay Meet

One of the many happenings at Big Wow Comicfest was this Marvel vs DC cosplay meet on Saturday. Characters from the two factions assembled around 2pm at the convention center lobby. The pictures were supposed to be taken in the lobby, but there simply wasn't enough room to fit all the cosplayers. The solution? We go outside.

Setting up outdoors was a more interesting setting. I've been shooting with a prime lens indoors (it was a little challenge for myself), but decided to use my zoom lens just for the group pictures. The main session lasted about 30 minutes, but people stuck around outside to take pictures. I did for a bit since I picked out a few cosplayers for individual photos. Ended up going to a late lunch with some friends afterwards.

I opted for the 2:1 ratio with my set. The thought of "these will look neat with 2:1 ratio" was running through my head while taking the pictures. Check them out below. Enjoy! :)


The Big Group Shot

Another Big Group Shot

Mostly Marvel

Mostly DC



The Battle

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