Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sac-Con March 2015 Coverage

I have to say I was having one of the best times at a convention on Sunday. Sac-Con delivered. The new location was very convenient. Getting to the McClellan Conference Center was easy to go to after exiting the freeway. Plenty of free parking. I haven't been to a Sac-Con before, but I heard people say this new space is a monster compared to the old spot.

Vendor room in the morning.

The vendor room had a very wide variety of comics, toys, and artists organized fairly nice. I had the morning to myself, then met up with friends a little after noon. A majority of the afternoon was filled with taking pictures and just having a good time. Even had some small photoshoots between it all. It was really fun!

Looking forward to the next Sac-Con, which is on October 25th. Quite a few months away, but at least I know I have something to do at the end of October!

Below are links to my Sac-Con coverage. No separate cosplay / non-cosplay albums this time around. The Adventures of Justin episode 3 will be on Sac-Con. Look for that on my YouTube channel later this week.

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