Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pre-order Spirited Away & The Cat Returns on Blu-ray

Possibly the last wave of Studio Ghibli titles on Blu-ray to be released by Disney. Spirited Away & The Cat Returns serve as a nice pairing. I'm quite sure there are many people in the USA anticipating Spirited Away on Blu-ray. Importing the film has always been an option, but this is the release intended for the folks in the country. I'm very excited for Spirited Away since it was the second Studio Ghibli film that I watched many years ago (My Neighbor Totoro was first). I still have Spirited Away on VHS and DVD -- just check out my video on the two. It's been a long wait.

Amazon lists these titles at $36.99/each right now, but it will likely drop down to $20-25 on release day. The good thing is that Amazon doesn't charge cards until shipment.