Sunday, March 29, 2015

Adventures of Justin, Episode 4: It Follows Review

Theater Marquee

Beautiful. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think about It Follows. Directed and written by David Robert Mitchell, this creepy horror flick gives new life to the genre. The concept of what's going on is pretty basic. It even gets explained fairly easily in one scene. You have to have it to be able to see it coming.

The town vibe works so well for It Follows, even though it ventures off to other locations throughout. It reminds me of the local area I'm in more than anything. The cinematography throughout the film really stood out to me, especially in the wide shots of landscapes. I applaud cinematographer Mike Gioulakis for making me want to visit some of these locations.

Adding to the scenery is the placement of new and old appliances/devices throughout the film. An old object, for example, is a television with an antenna. At time I would think about why are some of these things still in the house, but it was kind of neat seeing them. Maybe households like this exist. I still buy vinyl records, so I'm not one to complain.

Keeping the film beyond awesome are the cast performances. Maika Monroe is phenomenal as Jay. Her emotions keep everything flowing, along with the screaming and running away from the it that follows is incredibly entertaining. Can't forget about the rest of the cast. Lili Sepe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi, and Daniel Zovatto play Jay's friends that turn out to be friends I wish I had in real life. They stay by Jay's side throughout the whole film, even if they weren't convinced about it at first. The chemistry between all of them is spot-on.

Let me rave about the soundtrack. Disasterpeace created a masterpiece score that I'm already anticipating to own on vinyl (vinyl release is April 7). The "Title" track is so easy to have stuck in my head. I'll catch myself humming it if it isn't playing. I was sold on the soundtrack before seeing the movie itself. Hearing it all play within the movie made me love the score even more.

I will most likely catch It Follows in theaters one more time. The Blu-ray is a must-have on release day. I'm hoping Anchor Bay will pack in a handful of features to keep it from feeling like a barebones release. However, I'm not usually into special features, but having a more in-depth look at this film would really intrigue me.

A modern horror film has never had me talking so much beyond the day I first watched it. I feel like I can talk about It Follows forever. I'm on a few online forums that have fans of this movie, and they feel the same way about it. Some of the questions that are left unanswered leave room for conversations, so it's been fun reading various thoughts on a few topics. Go see this movie in theaters, especially if you appreciate the genre through the years -- more like decades. Pass it on.

Check out my latest Adventures of Justin episode for even more on It Follows. It's quite unique as it shows me talking before and after watching the film. Enjoy! :)