Monday, March 16, 2015

Cinderella & Frozen Fever Review

I wasn't so optimistic about Cinderella leading up to it's theatrical release. Why? Well no modern live-action Disney film has seriously impressed me. Well The Sorcerer's Apprentice kind of did after a second viewing. Then something unexpected happened. Really good reviews showed up. These early Cinderella reviews gave me hope, and the film delivered when I watched it Friday afternoon.

It's a general story that most people on this planet are familiar with, but there is so much more to it this time around. The intro scenes with Ella and her parents was a nice starting point for live-action. Lily James makes a lovely Cinderella. Can't forget Cate Blanchett's Lady Tremaine -- so good! Actually the whole cast did rather well. Helena Bonham Carter had a short appearance as Ella's fairy godmother, but at least it was in one of the most memorable scenes.

Not sure if Cinderella's score by Patrick Doyle will get any attention during awards season next year, but it will be the first album I pick up this year. It's a pleasant listen beginning to end. Plus Lily James and Helena Bonham Carter do sing songs from the animated film (they played during the credits!). I could see nominations for costume design. Everything is so beautiful and colorful. I will be getting Cinderella on Blu-ray on release day. Enjoyed it that much! :)

Cinderella rating: 9.5/10

Frozen Fever is a fantastic short featuring almost everyone from Frozen. A few funny moments. Nice nods to Frozen here and there. The ending had me laughing because I was wondering why Hans didn't appear at all. All of a sudden he gets plunked with snow from a very long distance to end Frozen Fever. Perfect ending.

Frozen Fever rating: 9/10