Monday, February 16, 2015

East Bay Comic Con 2015 Coverage

Another great day for East Bay Comic Con. The second annual event had a great crowd with plenty of things going on throughout the day. There really couldn't be a better location for EBCC since the Hilton Concord is just a few turns off the freeway. This is a perfect getaway on a Sunday, especially with lovely weather to drive in.

VSCO Film 05 Kodak UltraMax 400

I will have a few goodies to report this time around. Two photo albums -- cosplay and non-cosplay. Just going to try out this dual album format to see if it works for people. There will be additional articles following this one (see upcoming article list below). The first episode of Adventures with Justin is coming. Finally found it in me to record a few bits during the day. This video was supposed to be my 200th YouTube video, but it will jump a few spots to 198th since I don't want to wait around posting it. I will be reviewing a comic by an awesome artist I met there. Also did that networking stuff with some familiar faces that I see at other conventions.

Below is a list of links of my various pieces of coverage. Enjoy!

Flickr Non-Cosplay Album
Flickr Cosplay Album
EBCC 2015: Favorite Costumes
Adventures of Justin Season 1 Episode 1