Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Big Hero 6 Lithograph Set

The folder in black & white.

Disney Store went full Baymax on their lithograph set for Big Hero 6. When I pre-ordered 101 Dalmatians last week, a cast member told me the BH6 pre-orders would start in a few days. So here I am now!


I dig the selection of images DS used for this set. Not complaints here -- more like "I wish they had an image of this..." type thoughts. You'll know what I'm talking about when you watch my video below! The folder is also quite awesome with the San Fransokyo artwork. I will mention that the image quality doesn't look as crisp as lithographs included with Diamond Edition releases -- could it be the classic animation just presenting better for lithographs? This could be something I take a look at later on this year.

Inside the folder!

If you want a set, just pre-order Big Hero 6 at the Disney Store. $24.95 gets you the Blu-ray and lithographs. The price may be higher than other stores selling just the movie, but that's part of the deal. Up to you if it's worth the extra $5-7. Check out my video below for more. Enjoy! :)