Monday, November 3, 2014

VSCO Film 06 First Impression

I was quick to add VSCO film 06 to my Lightroom collection when I received the announcement e-mail. VSCO film 06: The Alternative Process Collection contains film presets with push / pull / cross processing. This film pack makes a great pairing with VSCO film 05 -- my lone film pack. As a release day project, I took my Fuji X-E1 + XF 35mm on my errands run knowing the pictures will be using VSCO film 06 presets.

Fuji Sensia 100 XP

After a few days of use in Lightroom, I've already become fond of a few presets. Fuji Sensia 100 XP works great on pictures that need a boost of warmth, or an even heavier dose of warmth. Sensia is probably the one preset from film 06 that I can apply to a photo set if I want everything to feel the same.

Fuji 400H

Ilford HP5 is my favorite of the two black & white films. Kodak TRI-X is no slouch, but I just prefer HP5 for general b&w use.

Ilford HP5

There is a sleeper in this pack that gets my appreciation -- Agfa Precisa 100. I will never have the opportunity of shooting genuine Agfa film that isn't expired, so these Agfa presets in 05 & 06 are a great substitution. My fascination with Agfa began when I discovered boxes of them in my mom's old camera bag. She recalled using Agfa mostly before I was born, so that's how it kind of started.

Kodak Portra 400

Can't forget about the Kodak Portra trilogy included in this pack (160 / 400 / 800). I was glad to see them in this pack because film 05 is loaded with consumer Kodak films. Haven't shot 35mm Portra film yet, but there is a roll of Porta 160 on my desk that I plan on using before the year is over.

The loyalty discount for existing VSCO film users ends tomorrow (11/4). A 50% savings is a no-brainer for me. I say go for it if you're an existing VSCO film user. It's also a good first pack to join the club. Justifying value of a VSCO film pack resides in a few things for me -- value, convenience, and fun. VSCO film 06 delivers on those three things.

See more of my release day photo set that exclusively uses presets from VSCO film 06 on Flickr.