Monday, November 10, 2014

Big Hero 6 Review

I had a good feeling about Big Hero 6 from the start. I'm not just saying that. My interest in Big Hero 6 has been scattered across social media for a good while if you follow me around. The theater was nearly full for the first morning showtime on Friday. Mostly parents with their kids (did they ditch school?), but there was a few people alone like me.

The movie is loaded with action and comedy. There are hints of emotion sprinkled throughout the movie. One of the things that impressed me most was the design of San Fransokyo. A combination of San Francisco and Tokyo was such a delight to see. It simply worked. A perfect match.

Baymax is going to be a popular robot for quite some time. Certainly one of my favorites up there with Wall-E. Disney and Pixar have a great take on what robots would act like with low batteries. Baymax sounded drunk, but the kids in the theater probably didn't understand that. The older crowd certainly got the bigger kick out of it.

Making the movie an excellent ride beginning to end is the story. It really keeps up the pace without scenes feeling unnecessary. Stick around for the after credits scene. Totally worth the wait. I'm definitely getting Big Hero 6 on Blu-Ray next year. Hopefully Disney Store offers a pre-order lithograph set!