Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wytches #1 Review

A pair of witch-based comics debuted this month. One is a new series involving a teenage witch that's been around in comics for quite a while now. The other is a new series called Wytches by Scott Snyder and JOCK, which I'll be taking a look at first. Not too big a fan of modern comics, but this title from Image Comics certainly has my attention. Things involving witches fascinate me, so this was worth a try.

Regular cover.

The story opens up in 1919. A little Tim Cray is a loyal youngster. To his mother? No. To the idea that pledged is pledged. This four page intro to Wytches really gets you settled for what is ahead in this issue -- perhaps the whole series. It certainly has me hooked.

Pledged is pledged.

Fast forward to 2014. Introduced is the Rooks family. Meet Charlie, Lucy, and Sail. Yes, Sail. They recently relocated to a new town. Charlie chats with his daughter Sail before she hops on the bus to her new school for the first time. The big reason for the family relocating is explained while Sail is in class. We see Sail pre-incident in the woods with a bully gal named Annie. Bully gets pledged or claimed in a pretty sweet fashion right. 

Sail on the bus and a random dude in the woods.

Back at the house, the parents are in the studio when an outdoorsy animal guest shows up. It randomly starts vomiting something a page after Annie is shown getting taken. Weird, but kind of cool. Later that evening Charlie is making sure Sail can sleep without any problems. Once Sail is alone in her room, she hears some noises coming from the tree outside her window. On the tree is a witch creeping out Sail. A frightened Sail thinks it could be Annie, but the issue cuts short as Charlie runs to Sail's room after hearing a scream.


Pretty good first issue to me. Must be good to everyone else since there is a second print planned for release next month. I was easily drawn in by the first few pages. It continued to deliver all the way to the end. A big plus for this issue is being ad-free. Probably won't happen for following issues, but it was nice being able to flip a page and not worry about getting distracted by ads.

Wytches #2 comes out November 12.

*Note* Wytches is Rated M for Mature readers. Looks like violence and language for the most part.