Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Godzilla Blu-ray

The wait wasn't long to get Godzilla on Blu-Ray. I guess it helped watching it twice in theaters earlier this year. It's usually the week or two leading up a Blu-Ray release that really get me impatient, but I held it together with this title.

Godzilla's slipcover avoided the lenticular route for a lightweight shimmer on the recognizable cover art that was seen in theater lobbies around the world. Slightly altered, but Godzilla and San Francisco remain unchanged. I do wish the Gojira kanji was included beneath the solid Godzilla title.

This is your basic Warner Brothers package. No bells and whistles inside. The discs aren't stacked, so that is a major plus. Simple title text on the discs seem suitable for Godzilla. I think having artwork might have been overkill -- mostly because WB would have just used the cover art instead of another image.

Audio / video is top-notch throughtout. Godzilla's big reveal at the airport is on a level of awesome I've never experienced before on home video. Simply extraordinary. Seriously crank up the volume.

$19.99 is the current price for this version. I enjoyed the movie so much that I couldn't wait until a potential Black Friday deal later on. Totally worth it for me on release day. Check out my unboxing & review video below.

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