Monday, September 29, 2014

Big Hero 6 Toys: Armor Up Baymax

Wouldn't be normal if I didn't get my hands on a Big Hero 6 toy. I went with Armor Up Baymax to have the luxury of two Baymax outfits to swap around time after time. There is a Bandai packaging version available in almost every store except the Disney Store -- they repackaged Armor Up Baymax with DS labels and added another $10 to the price.

Armor Up Baymax is a fun display piece. It works better for me when the armor is on. Luckily there are more options for plain Baymax should I feel the need to get another one. Assembling the armor can be frustrating at first, but it gets easier after a few times. Posing Baymax in either mode is very limited. The head is probably the most articulated when Baymax has the armor on.

I think this a great gateway toy to more Big Hero 6 toys. It also works great as a one and only Big Hero 6 toy in a collection. I currently have no plans on reviewing any more Big Hero 6 toys -- seriously nothing. That could certainly change if a store should have buy one, get one 50% kind of sale. Check out my video review below for more on Armor Up Baymax.